Happy Valentines Day

Last night Crazy Lady gave me this pillow.

So in return I thought for Valentines Day I would give she and Lover something very personal. I got a bladder infection.
We all took a romantic trip to the vet.

I rode on Crazy Lady’s lap, because I like to be in the driver’s seat.
We arrived at Cat Practice and they were able to see us right away. It’s because I’m a regular. I “know people” there.

There were only two seats, so I reserved them for my friends.

Then a nice guy named Edder with a kiss tattoo on his paw came in and weighed me, and clipped my nails.

He also took my temperature.

After I peed in a cup, it was time to go home.

Despite the fact that it was 10:30 a.m., Lover said it was “tradition” that we go to In’n’Out after the vet.

And then we came home, and I peed in Lover’s basil plant.

Happy Valentines Day!



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